Audio Pro Addon T5
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Audio Pro Addon T5

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ลำโพง Addon T3 การันตีด้วยคุณภาพรีวิว 5 ดาวจาก WHATHI*FI?

  • Digital Class D amplifier, 2x8W + 25W.
  • Inputs : Bluetooth V4.0 + AUX 3.5


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Audio Pro Addon T5

Small speaker. Big surprise. Addon T5 is an amazing little speaker that carries a big punch. With optimized acoustic design to render stunning dynamics, deep bass and acoustic pressure in abundance, the Addon T5 performs bigger than it looks and will surprise the most inveterate hifi enthusiast.

“From deep space to deep bass, the low pulse in Drake’s Fake Love has a bigger punch than on the T3, tunefully reaching further down the frequencies while still sounding tight.”

Verdict: Five out of five stars

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